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If you need accommodation for returning to re-sit your exams or repeating your first year, please visit the pages below for more detail:

If you are interested in any vacancy on this page please email us at and include the following details:

  • Your full name
  • CID number
  • Please disclose any health conditions or disabilities which may affect your accommodation choice
  • The vacancy you are interested in
  • The date you wish to move in
  • The name of your tutor
  • Your department
  • Please specify whether you have had an interruption of studies, within the last 12 months

Please note that if you are already in Hall accommodation you will be unable to apply for the vacancies on this page. If you would like to swap rooms, please visit the Accommodation Transfer Policy page for more information. We do not offer accommodation to postgraduates in undergraduate halls during term time or winter/spring breaks. Postgraduates wishing to book accommodation between 30 September 2017 and end of June 2018 should refer to our private halls providers or Imperial Home solutions.


Current vacancies for undergraduate students
Location Room typeWeekly rent GenderAvailable from Website
 Parsons House  Single Standard  £131 Female Available 05 Dec Parsons House
 Holbein*  Single Standard  £187   Available Now  Evelyn Gardens
 Holbein* Single Standard  £205   Available Now Evelyn Gardens
 Southwell*  Single Standard  £210   Available Now  Evelyn Gardens
 Southwell*  Single Standard  £166   Available Now  Evelyn Gardens
 Southwell*  Single Standard  £187   Available Now  Evelyn Gardens
 Southwell*  Single Standard  £205   Available Now Evelyn Gardens
Willis Jackson*  Single Standard  £187   Available Now  Evelyn Gardens
Willis Jackson*  Single Standard  £205   Available Now  Evelyn Gardens
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Vacancies for returning undergraduate students

*Please note: all contracts for rooms in our Evelyn Gardens residences run until 22 September 18. These rooms are only available for returning undergraduate students and cannot be offered to final year or postgraduate students. We do not offer short term lets at Evelyn Gardens. 


 Vacancies for postgraduate students – Silwood Park only 

There are currently no vacancies in Silwood Park. 

For other postgraduate accommodation vacancies, please visit the GradPad London website or Imperial Home Solutions.‌

Last updated 15 December 2017